We work together here so that everyone can earn a good income.

How can we make money from finex Link?

First of all, register on the site and create your profile. Here you can earn money from any post you put on the site and there is no limit to your income and now you can earn money in 2 ways on the site

The first way to make money on the finex link?

You create the post you want. The content of your post can be anything you like Once you have created your post, your post is inactive. There are two ways to activate your post:

1. Using a link shortener
2. Activate directly

To earn money, you click on Activate with the link shortener and it is taken to another page where your post link is given to you. And put the shortened link of your post in the specified field and your post will be activated. From now on, everyone on the site wants to visit your post, first the ads will be displayed for them and then they will see your post.

How do you ensure that all site users make money?

We wrote an algorithm that the sooner anyone publishes their post, the higher the post will be. And new users who enter the site will see their posts first and earn money

And in order for users to see each other's posts, each user must pay a certain point to create a new post, and these points will be added to the user's account by viewing other people's posts. Of course, users are given some points to create two posts at the time of registration

And so users earn money by working on the site and seeing each other's posts

The seconde way to make money on the finex link?

Once you have created your post, you can put a link inside your post that you can use to gather users for other sites.

We have created an automatic system where certain users can register with your link, and when your number of people is finished, it will be the turn of the next registered links, so that users can become affiliates with each other and earn money.

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